IAC is


The National Information Society Agency (NIA), a subsidiary organization under the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), has tried its best in its mission to develop Korea into an information-oriented society and to reduce information gaps between individuals both domestically and internationally. Since 2002, NIA has carried out IAC project providing better access and opportunity to use ICTs for the general public in developing countries, thus contributing to improving the IT environment as well as cooperation in the ICT field.


01 Human Resource Exchange & Digital Contents
NIA Provides each IAC with Korea invitation training course, IT volunteers and consultants, IT education contents and video conference, etc. As a symbol and hub of bilateral cooperation on IT, not only NIA but also other Korean government agencies are willing to further cooperate with IAC.
02 Regional Networking Community
IAC networking community is getting bigger and now it is a group of 42 organizations in 40 countries. In addition to the direct networking with NIA, all IACs communicate with other IACs. Furthermore NIA and IACs in each region get together every year in order to share idea and experience for sustainability and development of IAC.
03 Cooperation with International Unit
International Telecommunication Union (ITU), CISCO, INTEL and Telecnetre.org Foundation, etc. are in partnership with NIA.
Leveraging these partnership, IAC will meet the demands of communities and keep pace with the trends of ICT.
04 Continued Assistance
As time goes by, IAC gets old in terms of infrastructure. With lots of activities and courses, some IT devices, furniture and interior design could become outdated.
In order to keep the IAC updated, NIA provide facility renewal 4 years after IAC opens.

IAC set up procedure

IAC Setup Procedure