Expected Questions & Answers with IAC establishment project

Is this a grant, loan or a sponsorship?
This project is an Official Development Assistance (ODA) by Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) and National Information Society Agency (NIA) of Korea. However, the beneficiary (Organization) should offer the place for Information Access Center (IAC) and undertake operation of IAC as well. So to speak, this is an ODA with partial matching fund.

※ For more information, send us an email to ‘iac@nia.or.kr
Method of Disbursement of funds for intended project.
NIA carries this project out with Korean-Government BUDGET.
It is about USD300,000 which covers all costs for the establishment of IAC such as construction expenses, purchase expenses for donation materials, personnel expenses for local labors, shipping expenses, educational fees for IAC operators and etc.
Who is responsible for the implementation of the IAC?
Construction manager(s) who is authorized by NIA will be dispatched to the Beneficiary Organization immediately after the selection of place for IAC is over. Of course, everything about the establishment will be decided based on the consultation and agreement with the Assigned Beneficiary Organization & other related agencies. After we finish the establishment, the beneficiary organization takes all rights and duties about IAC.
Typical Project Procedure
We, NIA will visit beneficiary country soon after the local party recommends us 3 or 4 potential premises for the establishment of IAC. Then, we will pick up the most proper place among recommended organizations. After the selection, NIA will also discuss the legal requirements with the selected organization when we contract Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

※ We attach sample of MOU which might help you to understand about this plan
Is the required area and the space of the building with expected square area for identified units. (Internet Lounge / Training Lab/ Seminar Room)
Beneficiary Organization should have financial ability to operate the center after we establish it. Also, the place should be located in the capital of beneficiary country, and we prefer university or government organization where people can easily access to the place. The place should be at least 330㎡ and one unit(single space).
What is the expected lay out of the building?
We don’t mind about the height of the building, but IAC is better to be established at single floor. We also recommend the 1st floor of the building as IAC. We are attaching image file of lay out of IAC. Please regard it as just typical example of IAC. Architecture of IAC
Expected area for car parking
Parking lot is not essential, but it would be better if the parking lot is equipped
Is NIA expecting to construct the building or in the alternative to rent out a building ?
We don’t construct the building. We establish IAC in the Existing Building. We expect an organization which is willing to offer a place for IAC and operate IAC as part of its possession. IAC will be the property of the beneficiary organization and all the donated stuffs will also be the asset of the beneficiary organization. Therefore, the organization should take all rights and duties for IAC.
If NIA plans to construct the building who will bear the cost of the land and the construction of the building?
As I mentioned on Q.2.4, we don’t construct the building. For example, when we establish IAC in Guatemala in 2008, San Carlos University of Guatemala prepared a place for IAC in the University, so that we can establish IAC in it. Now, the Guatemala-IAC is part of the San Carlos University of Guatemala itself.
Expected bandwidth connectivity to the site
Up to “4Mbps” Level is recommended as the bandwidth connectivity to the site. The beneficiary organization is supposed to prepare the line from the local Internet Service Provider (ISP), so that NIA can technically support the connection.
Expected Location based in your requirements (expected power/ internet/ transport)
For transport the place should be located in the capital of beneficiary country, and we prefer university or government organization where people can easily access the place. For power we need more than 30kw electricity for the establishment of IAC.
Capital Expenditure for Land, Building, Security, Power and Telephone
Land, Building, Security, Power and Telephone are under the responsibility of the beneficiary organization because; IAC becomes the possession of the beneficiary organization after we establish it. However, the beneficiary organization takes duty to operate IAC for public interest and to report us the present condition of IAC twice a year. Both the beneficiary organization and NIA are obliged to cooperate each other to promote IT collaboration between the beneficiary country and the Republic of Korea.
Recurrent Expenditure for Rent and Lease
It’s not such kind of rent or lease. IAC will be a part of the beneficiary organization itself.
Maintenance of Equipments
All Equipments which we donate for IAC also become the property of beneficiary organization. Therefore, the maintenance of equipments is duty of beneficiary organization.
Who will bear the connectivity charges?
Internet connectivity charges are responsible for the beneficiary organization. Therefore, local party of beneficiary country should recommend us organizations which are financially capable of connectivity charges to operate IAC in stable.
Salary for the staff: Who will bear the cost for the Administrative function (staff salary and other expenses per annum) if so, for how long?
Basically, beneficiary organization assigns Administrative staffs of IAC from the original employee of the beneficiary organization. Naturally, we regard salaries for staffs of IAC are responsibility of beneficiary organization.