NIA signed a MoU with VANK for sharing contents.

Date 2017/11/16 10:32 Views 973

□ National Information Society Agency(Vice president Oh Kang-tak, hereinafter referred to as NIA) and Voluntary Agency Network of Korea(President Park Ki-tae, hereinafter referred to as 'VANK') announced on May 15 that they signed Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) to cooperate for sharing the excellent ICT, culture and arts contents of Korea to developing countries in the VANK office.


○ NIA said, "In the Information access center(IAC), which was established in 46 countries as a part of ODA (ODA) project in ICT sector, under the support of the Ministry of Science and ICT, we could share 185 Korean cultural contents of VANK and which makes  good opportunity to not only support IAC for the improvement of ICT education environment but also to inform our excellent history, culture and art to IAC centers all around the world. 


○ Through the agreement, the two organizations agreed on the joint use of English contents related to ICT, Korean culture and history, the efforts to provide accurate information on Korea to the international community such as developing countries, the development of future joint cooperation programs and mutual cooperation. 


□ Mr. Park said, "It is important to correct distorted information about our culture. However, it is very important for us to communicate the excellence of our country's ICT and to pass our economic development model through ICT to developing countries.


□ Mr. Oh said, "By providing the right information on our culture, history, etc. to 52 information access centers, it is not a miracle that our country's ICT development and economic growth happened by chance, but our accomplishments based on our eternal culture and history. "I will try to make many developing countries aware of this."